• Lisbon bits and pieces - Bits and pieces from Lisbon: This scene was a nice start to my visit. Left my table at the restaurant where I was having dinner to capture this combination of color and light, blue and white. Whoever designed this pavement was devilishly clever! It’s flat, but can you imagine walking on it in a state of altered … Continue reading Lisbon bits and pieces
  • The Museu Nacional do Azulejo - What an absolutely fabulous visit to the Museu Nacional do Azulejo in Lisbon – truly one of the best times I’ve spent in a museum! I looked forward to visiting this museum, also known as the National Tile Museum, because I knew that Portugal was famed for its tiles, but it was even better than I … Continue reading The Museu Nacional do Azulejo
  • A day in Belém - I spent a day in Belém because one thing led to another: the Monastery of Jerónimos was high on my list of places to visit in Lisbon, then I saw that the Tower of Belém was part of the same UNESCO World Heritage site, then I noticed that the  Museu da Marinha was in the same area and I … Continue reading A day in Belém
  • A walk around Lisbon - Visiting Lisbon, I did something different – I booked a guided walking tour of the city for my first morning there. It turned out to be a good move, not only because I got an overview of the city, but because my guide was so knowledgeable and entertaining. The tour filled my head with new names, … Continue reading A walk around Lisbon