Weekly Photo Challenge: All-Time Favorites

This image of Hyde Park near sunset is one of my favorites. I was in London on a business trip and with an afternoon free, I wandered around the area near the hotel, camera in hand. It was an unseasonably warm day, and I think the combination of heat and moisture created the effect. 

It was one of those times that I was in a state of ‘flow’ (as opposed to those times when I’m noticing every mistake I’m making, photography-wise). To this day, I am slightly embarrassed that I didn’t immediately respond to the greeting of one of my colleagues in the hotel lobby because I was still in another world.

Like so many others, I am sorry to see the Weekly Photo Challenge end. I’ve enjoyed the challenge and seeing others’ responses.

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Image © Melissa Corcoran

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

A friend recently asked for a cool and/or interesting photo to use for her monthly newsletter and chose this one out of a selection I offered. I took the easy way out when I saw this week’s theme and re-used it!

Sunset in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania.

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Image © Melissa Corcoran