Photo essay

  • The charm of memory - Revisiting the place where an adventure began.
  • And to think I saw it while geocaching! - Among the things I like about geocaching is that I see places and details I would not have seen if I weren't looking for a cache. I also like that many cache descriptions tell a story and the story is made richer by the logs detailing the adventures and experiences of the geocachers searching for the cache.
  • Caprese Michelangelo - A visit to the birthplace of Michelangelo.
  • Serendipity - Sometimes, I go out and about with a specific sightseeing and/or photography goal in mind. Other times, things just happen! The other day, I took afternoon tea at the St. Regis. While I was making inroads on the delicious sandwiches, scones, and pastries, I opened the book that is one of my ‘bibles’ for Florence, An Art … Continue reading Serendipity
  • Blue - In Arezzo a couple of weeks ago, I saw this blue door: As with my Yellow photos, sharing the image sent me looking at other blue images in my catalog, like this tangle of rope: Blue shutters and sky: Shadow turning a hubcap and sidewalk into blue-on-blue (now that song is stuck in my head!): Another door in … Continue reading Blue
  • Right turn - Today was one of those delightful days that are a welcome relief to August heat – cool, windy, sunshine and clouds, so I hopped in the car with my camera for a short excursion. When I came to the bottom of the hill out of Porciano, I almost turned left because that’s what I usually do. … Continue reading Right turn
  • Yellow - The yellow broom is in bloom all over the hillsides here and it’s quite eye-catching: Sharing the above photo with a couple of people reminded me of other ‘yellow’ photos in my catalog. Just for the fun of it, here are some of them. A stunningly yellow wall: A fire hydrant set off by red … Continue reading Yellow
  • Viareggio - Rather than stay inside and be frustrated by internet issues, ran away to the seaside today … As views go, one of waves with snow-capped mountains in the background isn’t too bad! It wasn’t that warm – the wind was whistling in the rigging of the sailboats docked on the other side of the jetty.  Laughed … Continue reading Viareggio
  • A Sunday in the Casentino Valley - Waking up to snow on the hills surrounding the valley. The streets in the valley gleaming like silver from the precipitation during the night, which included rain, hail, and snow. A road trip to Castello di Castel San Nicolò, a hamlet above Strada, from which there are beautiful views. Turning from the views to the streets … Continue reading A Sunday in the Casentino Valley