Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

One of my favorite things to drink when it’s cold in Florence is cioccolata calda. The chocolate is thick and dark and intense. I try not to betray how silly I think the question ‘con panna?’ is; the answer is always ‘of course!’ It’s beautiful to look at, too.

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Image © Melissa Corcoran


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

You’ve probably seen pictures of the city in which I live.

The magnificence of the Duomo:

The picture-postcard Ponte Vecchio:

The Piazzale degli Uffizi, on which is located the Uffizi Gallery:

I love all these, but I also love the less well-known sights, some of them just steps from a main piazza or street.

A wall fresco:

A still-life of bicycle, door, and wall:

A sculpted sea monster (although it looks quite friendly):

A street scene:

Another still-life:

Softly lit arches:

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Images © Melissa Corcoran