Algernon & Ilsa

  • Algernon and Ilsa: in Toscana - Algernon and Ilsa spent the summer in a cottage on the grounds of Castello di Porciano in the Casentino Valley, where I joined them in late August. They were eager to do some sightseeing in the area and I was happy to oblige! Soon after I arrived, our hostess took us on a jaunt to nearby … Continue reading Algernon and Ilsa: in Toscana
  • Algernon e Ilsa: la dolce vita - By the time I returned to Florence last fall, Algernon and Ilsa had had many adventures in Italy. During the winter, they went to Venice, where their friend Donna helped them pick out the perfect masks, and to Castello di Porciano. In May, they went to Naples, where they attended the opera two nights. They loved … Continue reading Algernon e Ilsa: la dolce vita
  • Algernon et Ilsa: la vie est belle - In September of 2012, Algernon and Ilsa moved to France. Their first stop was Paris, where they visited a patisserie and did some sightseeing. In the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Ilsa was overcome by the existentialism of it all. After a few days, it was off to Narbonne, where they would be living for four months. Narbonne … Continue reading Algernon et Ilsa: la vie est belle
  • Algernon and Ilsa - By the time I met Algernon and Ilsa, they were already world travelers. Algernon began traveling in 2002, joined by Ilsa in 2006. Separately or together, they traveled in the USA (Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio) and to England (Cornwall, London), France (Paris, Normandy, the Loire valley, Provence (nude sunbathing in St. Tropez!), Italy (Naples, … Continue reading Algernon and Ilsa