At our last recap on the ship, the expedition leader jokingly suggested that we limit our showing of photos to five penguin pictures and five iceberg pictures. She said that if we showed every picture, we’d be three hours into it and our audience would realize we were only on day one. We all laughed but knew what she was talking about.

Limiting penguin pictures is a challenge, though! I was entranced by them. They were so endearing and interesting and cute/beautiful. I could have watched them for hours and days on end. Of all the animals and birds I’ve been privileged to see in my travels, they were the ones I was most tempted to anthropomorphize, partly because their way of walking looked so human sometimes.

I couldn’t limit my pictures to five, but I’ve exercised some restraint!

Click (or double-click, depending on your device) on any image to launch the slideshow.

Images © Melissa Corcoran.

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