Caprese Michelangelo

Visiting a friend who lives in the Casentino Valley, I suggested a field trip to some place other than our usual haunts. I’ve been wanting to go to Caprese Michelangelo for about four years now, so off we went.

Caprese Michelangelo is the birthplace of Michelangelo (you might have guessed that!). He was born there in 1475 while his father was the podestà (a government administrator) of Chiusi della Verna and Caprese. The town, and the museum that includes the house where he was born, are small. Nevertheless, the Museo Casa Natale di Michelangelo Buonarroti is interesting, especially the paintings by other artists of events in his life and the collection of 19th and 20th century sculpture in a nearby building.

Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista, where Michelangelo was baptized.

My kind of road!

As fun as it was to finally visit this charming place, it was the drive that made my day. The scenery was beautiful and as we approached Caprese Michelangelo, the road got curvier and steeper. Love driving that kind of road! We passed an interesting sculpture made on the trunk of a dead tree. Best of all, on our way back, a line of classic convertibles—at least twenty-five—came towards us. They were of all different colors, with the tops  down, and the drivers and passengers started waving and honking! Naturally, we waved back; I only wish we could have gotten some pictures.

Not the “David”, but interesting!

As we often do, we wound up saying, “What a beautiful country this is.”

View from a terrace.

Images © Melissa Corcoran.

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