Love Language

As I imagine many bloggers do, I keep a list of ideas for blog posts. On that list is ‘language shortcuts and phrases between family, friends.’ Given how long it’s been on my list, I’m not sure what I was going to say about it, but it might have been something like this eloquent and lovely post by my sister.

Not Inclined To Resign To Maturity

Love languages have been on my mind lately, in part because of Skype conversations with my oldest sister, Melissa. We haven’t actually discussed love or love languages, but what we have done is engaged in amusing ways to say goodbye to each other as we sign off each Monday and Thursday after our work sessions.

Our love language started pretty early on in our lives. There are four of us siblings, and we only have five years separating us oldest to youngest, so we are pretty close, not only in age, but in all things. Time and distance never takes that away. Anyway, Melissa, as oldest, often had ways to entertain the rest of us. One of the earliest ‘love language’ incidents that I can recall is that of ‘bunnies and squirrels.’ Melissa and I were the bunnies, and Barry and Susan were the squirrels. I assume the determination of…

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