Right turn

Today was one of those delightful days that are a welcome relief to August heat – cool, windy, sunshine and clouds, so I hopped in the car with my camera for a short excursion. When I came to the bottom of the hill out of Porciano, I almost turned left because that’s what I usually do. Instead, I turned right and when I saw a sign for Campolombardo, took that road.

Near the end of the road, I came to this church. According to a signboard, the Hospital of Santa Maria Nuova in Florence had a local hospice here, dedicated to S. Antonio Abate. The hospital was responsible for the coat of arms with the crutch and the date of 1491.


The doors had these modern wood carvings.

Driving back to the main road, I came to a small cemetery. When I pulled over to the side of the road to take pictures, the tires crushed some mint, which smelled heavenly.


I love these round hay bales, which I see everywhere – in fields, in barns, and on flat-bed trucks.

2016Aug06_Campolombardo_0040 2016Aug06_Campolombardo_0056

A scarecrow!


I’ve been seeing fields of purple flowers and recently found out it’s alfalfa.  I didn’t realize it was so pretty.


The perfect image on which to end my excursion.


Images © Melissa Corcoran

4 thoughts on “Right turn

  1. MuttiB says:

    Wonderful description and great photos, Malissa, especially the last one!
    Martha and I saw the scarecrow last Sunday; it’s opposite the field where the thrashing of the wheat took place. Glad to learn that the beautiful field on the way up to Porciano is Alfalfa. Thanks for posting!


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