My sister Nancy, who blogs at Not Inclined To Resign to Maturity, often takes one or more of my photos as the starting point for a blog post. When she does this, I often see my photos in a different way—her commentary gives meaning to the photo or highlights details I had discounted.

A couple of weeks ago, she asked me for an image I had posted of a red bicycle and chairs. After I sent her the file, I started looking through my photo catalogue at other pictures of bicycles. Bicycles are mundane objects, but sometimes the setting or the light or a combination of colors catches my eye. However, the images don’t seem all that artistic compared to those of other photographers, who are doing things like portraits.

When I reread my sister’s blog post about finding beauty, though, it hit me—these aren’t just photos of bicycles, these are serendipitous still lifes! As my marketing friends would say, it’s all about the positioning.

Click (or double-click, depending on your device) on any image to launch the slideshow.

Images © Melissa Corcoran.

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