My sister Nancy, who blogs at Not Inclined To Resign to Maturity, often takes one or more of my photos as the starting point for a blog post. When she does this, I often see my photos in a different way – her commentary gives meaning to the photo or highlights details I had discounted.

A couple of weeks ago, she asked me for an image I had posted of a red bicycle and chairs. After I sent her the file, I started looking through my photo catalogue at other pictures of bicycles. Bicycles are mundane objects, but sometimes the setting or the light or a combination of colors catches my eye. However, the images don’t seem all that artistic compared to those of other photographers, who are doing things like portraits.

When I reread my sister’s blog post about finding beauty, though, it hit me – these aren’t just photos of bicycles, these are serendipitous still lifes! As my marketing friends would say, it’s all about the positioning.

Click (or double-click, depending on your device) on any image to launch the slideshow.

Images © Melissa Corcoran.

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