I’ve been feeling frenetic lately – lots of things to do and arrangements to make, lots on my mind. Recent posts by my sister (Not Inclined To Resign To Maturity) on things she finds beautiful were a respite from the buzz in my life, so I thought I’d emulate her. A few of these overlap her lists, but I trust she won’t mind my ‘borrowing’ them, now that she’s reminded me of them.

Beautiful things:

The smell of wood smoke on a cold evening.

The feet of babies – so soft and flexible.

Winter sunsets – the clear, crisp air makes them spectacular.

Roses, especially red ones.

The greenish light when the sun is shining, but the sky is dark with storm clouds.

The luminescent skin of children. It’s something I notice whenever I take photos of the children with whom I am acquainted.

Splashes of sunlight on a wall.


The deep blue of the Texas sky in the fall. There is no sky so blue.

Certain phrases of music, like a section of “Now, Later, Soon” from A Little Night Music.

Laughter shared by a group of friends. Even when I don’t know what they are laughing about, it makes me smile.


Shades of blue, like teal and turquoise.

Ocean spray backlit by the sun.

Perfect raspberries.

Stars in a blue-black sky when there is no ambient light.

Autumn leaves in New England.

Lush flower boxes at city windows.

The soft air of spring.

The sound of wind at night when I’m in bed.

The faces of my siblings.


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