Silver and gold

One of the nicest coincidences in my life is that I have two dear friends with the same birthday, one of them a friend I’ve had since childhood, the other a friend I’ve made more recently.

My friend Lee and I have known each other since we started grade school (and a shockingly long time ago that was!). We were best friends all through grade school and high school. We had sleepovers at each other’s houses, talked about the horses we would have, including the details of their coloring and their names (we read a lot of “The Black Stallion” books!), and played fashion photographer by taking photos of ourselves in our best dresses and accessories.

In high school, we both worked part-time at the public library, starting our freshman year. We gossiped about our crushes, asked boys to the backwards dance together, and had more discussions about life than I can count or remember. She even asked my mom what the rules were for my dating when I was too scared to ask myself.

In our college years, we took a summer class together and as I recall, spent almost as much time cutting class to go for coffee with some ‘older men’ (I think they were a year or two ahead of us in school) as we did in class. We covered for each other with the parental units (we can admit that now).

We lost touch at some point in our adulthood, but reconnected when her father died and my mother attended the funeral and passed on my email address. We started emailing and have kept it up ever since. When I signed up for Facebook, she was one of the first people I friended because it seemed appropriate.

I met my friend Phil several years ago when he worked for me as a co-op student. We realized how simpatico we were early on, but for me, the moment that really kicked off our friendship occurred when we drove a Zipcar to the beach for a sunrise shoot with another co-worker. We got turned around going through one of the towns south of Boston; when we pulled up to a stop sign, Phil said, “I’ve been lost here before.” I almost fell out of the car – I had been saying that my whole life! After that, we went on several sunrise shoots, some of which turned into all–day excursions, and all of which were followed by a cholesterol-laden breakfast.

Another of our activities is cooking great meals together and for each other (well, he’s cooked great meals for me; not sure if the reverse is true). We believe that having a dessert that requires whipped cream every time is not a rut, but a tradition.

Phil helped me pack up my kitchen when I moved apartments several years ago and was at the end of an intense, over-Christmas, packing period and could not do any more. He repeated the process last year, bless his heart.

As with Lee, we’ve had good times together and I was thrilled when I found out he had the same birthday as she does.

As a song I learned in Girl Scouts goes,

Make new friends, but keep the old,

One is silver and the other gold.


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