Algernon and Ilsa

By the time I met Algernon and Ilsa, they were already world travelers. Algernon began traveling in 2002, joined by Ilsa in 2006. Separately or together, they traveled in the USA (Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio) and to England (Cornwall, London), France (Paris, Normandy, the Loire valley, Provence (nude sunbathing in St. Tropez!), Italy (Naples, Sicily, Venice), and Vienna, Austria.


Clockwise from top left: Algernon in Paris; Algernon and Ilsa in Naples; Algernon in Taormina; Algernon and Ilsa on the London Eye; in the Loire Valley.

Algnernon even went to Antarctica in 2011; here he is in Ushuaia, the point of departure for his Antarctic cruise.


However, it wasn’t until I went to Morocco a couple of years ago with one of my best friends that I had a chance to travel with the two of them. Although I am not used to traveling with other people, it was really quite fun!

Our first stop in Morocco was Chefchaouen, where Ilsa acquired the traditional hat of the Berber women. It was a moment of international goodwill and humor when a group of small boys and a woman saw me taking pictures of Ilsa wearing her hat – there was much smiling and laughing.


Clockwise from left: Ilsa and Algernon with Chefchaouen in the background; Algernon points to Ilsa’s hat; Ilsa posing against a blue vase.

After a day in Fes (Algernon got a fez) and a day in Meknes and Volubilis, we went to Erg Chebbi, where we took an excursion into the dunes of the Sahara.


After visiting the dunes, we drove to a Tuareg depot. There were pottery, rugs, and clothing for sale and my friend got a lesson in how to wrap a long scarf into a turban. We went back to the auberge for a leisurely lunch in the outdoor dining area.


After a night in the Sahara, we headed to Skoura. It was when we were enroute that we realized Ilsa too had learned how to tie a scarf into a turban.


Our trip ended in Casablanca. We had dinner at Rick’s Cafe, where Algernon and Ilsa showed off their hats.


To be continued…

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