Rome, Day IV

Rome is kicking my butt! So tired this morning but thank goodness for breakfast room attendant who brought me teapot of hot water as soon as she saw me. View from breakfast room of sunlit buildings against a dark cloudy sky.


Left: dome of Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano. Right: sunlit building.

Had to stop by bank because Wednesday night, completed an ATM transaction with no cash delivered. Had conversation with man there—he spoke no English, I speak no Italian, but I’m pretty sure he told me the money would be replaced!

After that, started my wander on my own.  Found the two churches we can see from the breakfast room. Was able go into one—was surprised to find it was completely round.


Left: domes of Santa Maria di Loreto and Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano. Right: inside Santissimo Nome di Maria al Foro Traiano.

Visited Trajan’s Forum, then went looking for a geocache. The hint was Senatus PopulusQue Romanus; initials SPQR appear everywhere, but in this case, they were in an unexpected place!


Clockwise from left: Trajan’s Forum; view of Santa Maria di Loreto; SPQR on top of a sign board.

Cache was near the ruins of the Porticus of Octavia, so went there next. Learned from one of the information placards that the inscription on the marble tablet recorded that Rome’s municipal Conservators had the right to appropriate fish heads over a specific size!


Left: plaque regarding fish heads. Right: Porticus of Octavia.

From there, into the Jewish Ghetto. Would have loved to visit the Museo Ebraico, but couldn’t face another museum or being inside on a sunny day. Wandered up and down streets, then across the Isola Tiberina into an area south of Trastevere. Have no clue where I was, but it was interesting! Lunch in Piazza di Santa Maria, more wandering, then tea and pastry at the sala da tè we saw on Tuesday.  


Building details in Trastevere.

Took the pedestrian Ponte Sisto back across the Tiber. Went into the Santissimo Salvatore in Onda. Either a Mass or one of the offices was just ending and the sound of the congregants singing was beautiful. The church itself one of the loveliest I have seen. Went into four churches today and realized after a couple why I did not like St. Peter’s Basilica. In most churches I’ve visited, I’ve felt that people built them to the glory of God—I can feel that even if I don’t believe in that god. I felt like St. Peter’s was built to the glory of the papacy or to the power of man.

I’m not into finding Munzees the same way I am into geocaching but decided to look for one. The search took me to Piazza Farnese and Campo di Fiori which was great—saw a more human-scaled side of Rome.  

After a Prosecco at the hotel bar (is there a theme developing here?), had dinner at a seafood restaurant. The party of seven next to us was having an extravaganza! Enjoyed seeing everything they ate and the expertise of the waiters serving.

Rome, Day V.

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