Rome, Day III

Breakfast room attendant had noticed on Tuesday morning that I was trying to make tea in a small cup. This morning, she gave me a teapot of very hot water—great start to the day!

To the Vatican Museums. As soon as we walked in, knew we would have to ‘sample’—huge complex spanning centuries of art and artifacts. I used the audioguide to narrow down what I looked at so as not to be totally overwhelmed. The short (and it was still long) route took us to the Egyptian rooms, then into galleries of paintings and sculptures.

Gallery in the Vatican Museums.

Gallery in the Vatican Museums.

The Gallery of Maps was the highlight. Absolutely wonderful—incredible color and detail. Spent a lot of time there, but could have spent more looking at all the panels on the walls and ceilings.


In the Gallery of Maps, clockwise from left: the ceiling; map of Liguria; decorative detail.

After that, the Sistine Chapel—impressive but not as overwhelming as I expected. Sensory overload forced us to stop for lunch. Saw some interesting-looking galleries on our way to the cafeteria, but by the time we had eaten, decided we’d had it for the day.

After a reviving tea and pastry at a nearby pasticceria, I went to look for a Vatican City State cache. Long walk around the Vatican and up the hill to the cache. Decided might as well continue around the Vatican so I could say I’d walked around an entire country! Took a quick look at the interior of St. Peter’s Basilica—left totally cold by it—seemed more like a football stadium than a church. Dark by the time I crossed the river—loved seeing Castel Sant’Angelo lit.


View of Castel Sant’Angelo from Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

Chocolate mousse.

Chocolate mousse.

Back at the hotel, had a Prosecco at the bar before dinner at a nice restaurant near the Trevi Fountain. Dialogue about dessert: “Want to split the chocolate mousse?” “No, it will come in a small ramekin, not a trough.” Sure it will!

On the way back under a full moon, saw gulls flying, their undersides gleaming white against a blue-black sky—enchanting.

Rome, Day IV.

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