Untethered, but not adrift

It’s done. I’ve closed my apartment, put my stuff in storage and am heading to Italy for a couple of months.

Why? I closed my apartment because I want to untether myself while I figure out where I want to be next. Looking back, my past moves and residencies came about by chance or because of a job or boyfriend. There’s nothing wrong with that and my moves worked out in the long run, but I’m at a point where I’d like to make a choice based on other factors too. My time in Europe last year opened my eyes to the concept of sublets and vacation rentals that would allow me to try out different areas without the commitment of signing a lease and moving my furniture and other possessions.

It might turn out to be more challenging than I think to be without a ‘home’ and to not have my stuff around me, but one of the things I found out during my European sojourn last year is that I can tolerate that, at least for awhile.

To say this is scary would be an understatement, but I feel a deep sense of rightness about this decision. As a friend of mine said when I first started thinking about this, I’m untethered, but not adrift.

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