I’ve been thinking about angels for the last couple of days. I am not religious (spiritual is a different story), but sometimes I revert to the terminology of my Catholic upbringing. In this case, I use the word ‘angel’ for a person who has said or done something that I needed in the time since my accident. 

What brought this to mind was a conversation I had this past weekend with the sister of my college roommate. My college roommate and I had been out of touch for a couple of years when we reconnected last summer at the memorial service for her mother. After the memorial service, as we were catching up on each other’s lives, the subject of my accident came up and I mentioned that it was the post-concussion issues that were driving me crazy. My friend said I should talk to her sister Kristin because she had sustained a severe concussion a couple of years previously. When I returned home, I got in touch with Kristin.

Well!  Being able to talk to someone who knows post-concussive syndrome up close and personal has been a godsend. Kristin has shared her experiences, recommended books and been there for me. We had a conversation this past weekend that was incredibly soul-satisfying and something I needed more than usual at that point. I think of her as one of my ‘angels.’

She’s not my only ‘angel’ though. Another is a member of the maintenance staff at the apartment complex in which I live. Because I was not able to work for several months, I was at home more often when he came to take care of apartment issues. I’ve known since I met him that he was a nice man, but appreciate him even more now for all the times he said something encouraging and positive.

My masseuse is also an ‘angel.’ She has not only dealt kindly and competently with my aches and pains, but as I’ve moved through the process of rethinking and restructuring my life, has been an emotional cheerleader for me.  

I wish for everyone that they have an ‘angel’ or two when they need one and I hope that some day, whether I know it or not, I can pay it forward by being that ‘angel.’

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